City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the February 25 Meeting?

February comes to a close with the very important matter of starting a new hiring process, and at least one mysterious item.

CLOSED MEETING: Confirmation of Closed Minutes for the closed Council meetings held January 10, 21 and 28, February 4, 7 and 11, 2019; CS-2019-45 February 2019 Public Appointments to the Planning Advisory Committee

CS-2019-49 Chief Administrative Officer Recruitment, Selection and Performance Sub-committee – As you may know, City Council needs to hire a new Chief Administrative Officer, or CAO. Dilemma: the CAO Terms of Reference were under the Governance standing committee, but council has since transitioned to a Committee of the Whole structure. Staff is proposing that there be a Sub-committee made up of the service area chairs – that’s Councillors Allt (Audit), MacKinnon (Corporate Services), Gibson (Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise Services), Hofland (Public Services) and Mayor Guthrie (Governance) – to undertake the task of hiring a new CAO. Along with that, the Sub-committee will have to review and change related policy like the Committee of the Whole Terms of Reference, the CAO Employment Policy, and the Procedural Bylaw.

CS-2019-50 Request for Designation as an Event of Municipal Significance for Revel Cider Co – Revel Cider is celebrating the fourth anniversary of their opening in Guelph, but they need a Special Occasions Permit, which means that they need a Request for Designation as an Event of Municipal Significance, and since this is the first time they’ve applied, they need council’s rubber stamp. Staff is recommending that council approve the request since Revel is dedicating to promoting the use of 100 per cent Ontario ingredients and because of the support for Revel by both the University of Guelph and Innovation Guelph.

CS-2019-46 February 2019 Public Appointments to the Planning Advisory Committee – The PAC looks at Provincial plan and policy conformity, Official Plan review and updates, Community plans and studies, City-initiated Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments with city-wide impact. Nine members of the public will be selected to serve on a term ending November 2019.

IDE-2019-25 Proposed Amendment #1 to the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (2017), City of Guelph Response – No information regarding this item was provided in the agenda package.

Consent Agenda from Committee of the Whole on February 4?

CS-2018-27 2018 Third Quarter Operating Variance
Maintaining the Voters’ List for Municipal Elections
CAO-2019-01 Internal Audit Work Plan 2019-2021
CAO-2019-02 Internal Audit Charter Update

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