Committee of the Whole Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the February 4 Meeting?

It’s back to business as usual. February begins with a Committee of the Whole meeting that’s going to deal with some 2018 budget and work plan catch-up. 

STAFF RECOGNITION: Ontario Foresters Association, Registered Professional Forester – Timea Filer, Urban Forestry Field Technologist

CS-20198-27 2018 Third Quarter Operating Variance – For the third quarter of 2018, the City of Guelph has a surplus of $1,430,500 from the Tax Supported Budget, and $2,930,000 from the Non-tax Supported Budget. The year-end favourable is thanks to higher animal tag and parking enforcement revenue, higher than expected water consumption revenue, and increased dividends from Guelph Junction Railway. In terms of the unfavourables, there’s lower than projected revenue from transit, parking, and culture and tourism investment. Recycling revenue was also down, but on the other hand, Environmental Services showed a favourable variance of $800,000 due to improvements made from the Service Review, according to staff.

Maintaining the Voters’ List for Municipal Elections – This item is an attachment from a resolution from the City of Hamilton. The resolution is looking to establish a working group made up of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Ministry of Finance, AMCTO, MPAC, Elections Canada, and Elections Ontario to find new ways to create and maintain the Voters’ List of Municipal Elections. According to Hamilton, issues with the current list include incorrect mailing addresses, incorrect names on the voter card, mismatched polling locations, missing buildings, and Voter Cards for multiple electors being sent to the same addresses. The resolution was copied to the Ombudsman of Ontario, and the President of AMO.

PS-2019-03 Healthy Kids Community Challenge Final Report – Between 2015 and 2018, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care offered $962,500 for local initiatives to support children’s health through physical activity and healthy eating. The Guelph branch was called “Energize Guelph” and among its accomplishments were 26 barrier free activities in 17 locations, over 5,000 reusable water bottles distributed, and 73 workshops for parents and caregivers. Over 15,000 children with their parents or caregivers took part, resulting in a 71 per cent increase in exercise among children after the program.

CAO-2019-01 Internal Audit Work Plan 2019-2021 – The City regularly audits itself, and looks at the effectiveness and adequacy of its processes, systems and programs. Staff prioritize projects based on risk assessment results, results of a previous audit, the last time a program was audited, a request from management, or emerging trends. There are 10 projects set up for 2019 including Driver Certification, Cash Handling, and IT Security Controls. For 2020-21, Winter Control, AODA Compliance, and the Property Tax Billing and Collection Process will be among the next projects to be audited. Project Management and Enterprise Risk Management Framework are held over from the 2018 work plan.

CAO-2019-02 Internal Audit Charter Update – Part of the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing requires the City to come up with an Internal Audit Charter, and that it be reviewed and updated at least every four years. The head of the Internal Audit Department is responsible for drafting and updating the charter.

CAO-2019-03 Status of Outstanding Management Action Plans Q2 2018 – We once again revisit the Management Action Plan to see that this year staff manager to complete 84 per cent of the audit recommendations by June 30, 2018, which is one per cent less than they were able to achieve for 2017. Among the outstanding items is an upgrade to the time management system, developing a performance monitoring program for accounts payable and purchasing, and the development a corporate-wide policy about the use of external consulting. Most of these activities are due to be complete sometime before the end of 2019.

CAO-2019-04 River Run Centre Cash Handling Audit Report – So here we have the result of an audit into the adequacy of how the River Run Centre handles its money at the box office, the front of house, and the refreshment counter. There are six recommendations in all for improvement including the enhancement of physical security it terms of the issuance of keys and safe combinations, and for the money handling to be less concentrated in the hands of one staff member. As well, there are recommendations to improve access to the point of sales system, improve cash handling training for volunteers, make the filing of cash records more timely, and to improve oversight by management. The River Run management staff has agreed to implement these changes.

CS-2019-29 2018 Year-end External Audit Plan – KPMG, who has been City Hall’s external auditor of choice for the last several years, has outlined its plan to audit last year’s City’s finances. KPMG’s plan has the endorsement of staff, and the audit work actuals began in December. Look for the finished report to come back to council in June.

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