Guelph NDP Start New (Election) Year with New Exec Committee

The local New Democratic Party riding association met at the main branch of the Guelph Public Library on Saturday for their annual general meeting. A new president was elected,  leadership positions filled, and plans began for the 2019 Federal Election campaign.

Local high school teacher Tim Matthewson will serve as the new president going into the fall federal election, with several new youth executives acclaimed to the party riding executive.

As for a federal candidate, youth executive and 2018 school board trustee candidate Jordan Lemcke told Guelph Politico that there is at least one interested individual filling out the paperwork to be nominated.

New Democrats noted that it marks the first time their riding executive had more women than men. There are nine women total on the 17-member top committee.

About 30 people were at the meeting held on the second floor of the library, but one notable exception was Agnieszka Maynarz, who was the provincial candidate in 2018.

Members told Guelph Politico that she had car issues in Peterborough, where she now lives, and could not attend the meeting.

It marks the first party meeting in Guelph ahead of the federal election scheduled for the fall that will see at least Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Party face off against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals for control of Parliament.

The Guelph Liberals confirmed current Member of Parliament Llyod Longfield in an acclaimed nomination late last year. The Conservatives, NDP, and the Green Party, will be searching for their candidates to take on Longfield in the fall.

Another player in the 2019 campaign will be the People’s Party of Canada, the new political party established by former Conservative cabinet minister Maxime Bernier. An Electoral District Association of the PPC was established in Guelph late last year.

***CORRECTION, January 5, 9:38 pm – An earlier version of this article stated that there was no People’s Party of Canada EDA in Guelph.

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