A Few Ways to Help Guelph Transit, For Everyone

Public transportation in Guelph has been an issue for thousands of people across the city for many years, but there are a few ways you can be a courteous rider, for the city and for others that tap into the system.

One of the best strategies, and one that is little known, is using the Transit app. There are many reasons this Montreal-made app is great, but it is the live GO feature that makes it stand out in a crowded field.

Transit users have the option to turn on a GPS function that uses a puny amount of your phone data while you’re travelling along your route so that others know where along the route know the location of the the bus you’re riding on. That means less time in the cold and assurance your bus is actually on its way.

While Transit might be a very useful tool for the everyday riders, what many really want is to bring about a systemic overhaul. The only way to do that is through City Hall in the forms of lobbying and voting.

Up until recently there was no major public forum for transit riders to unite and fight for improved public transportation, but now, the new Transit Action Alliance of Guelph works to “advocate for a public transportation system that is frequent, accessible and affordable for all.”

If you’re looking for ways to bring forward your complaints in a constructive forum that aims to bring about the change you’ve always wanted from Guelph Transit, TAAG might be the organization you’re looking for.

You can join them by heading over to the Membership page on their website. The meetings are often and you can follow TAAG on Facebook for the latest updates.

Lastly, voting.

Democracy is an opportunity for you to raise your voice about the things you care about. If you want lasting change, there is a city election every four years, with the next one slated for October 2022.

In the meantime, learn about possible solutions and connect with the experts. You can help improve transit, for everyone.

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