It’s Official: On Tuesday, We’re Re-Opening Red!!

We’re red! Or we will be. Since it was announced on Monday that most of Ontario’s health regions would be returning to the colour-coded restriction system next week, we’ve all be wondering where Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph will sit on the scale. In a Friday announcement from Queen’s Park, it was revealed that like those final days before the province-wide lockdown, we’re going back to red. Continue reading “It’s Official: On Tuesday, We’re Re-Opening Red!!”

The City of Guelph is Preparing to Enter Red Level

On Friday, Guelph and its public health affiliated neighbours managed to avoid going into level Red-Control, the final condition before being forced to return to lockdown. But the numbers are not in our favour, and the City of Guelph announced Monday that they do not intend to be caught off-guard if its announced that we’re being moved into red. In other words, enjoy some indoor recreation and fitness facilities while you can. Continue reading “The City of Guelph is Preparing to Enter Red Level”