Supportive Housing Moving from Loyola House to Local Hotel

Time was running out for the people who have living in Loyola House for the last year as the County of Wellington’s lease for their Loyola House Supportive Temporary Accommodation Pilot (LHSTAP) was due to run out on Tuesday. Well, there’s good news for the temporary residents of Loyola House because they are moving down to the other end of Woodlawn for the foreseeable future. Continue reading “Supportive Housing Moving from Loyola House to Local Hotel”

Wellington County Wants to Buy 65 Delhi For Transitional Housing

At a December council meeting where it was recommended that the City of Guelph sell the property of 65 Delhi Street there was a request among councillors to find a buyer that would use the heritage building for a public good. Mission: accomplished! In a media release on Tuesday, the City said that none other than the County of Wellington wants to buy 65 Delphi, and then turn it into transitional housing. Continue reading “Wellington County Wants to Buy 65 Delhi For Transitional Housing”