Electoral Reformers Try to Convince Longfield to Promote a Guelph-Made Proposal

Phase two of Democracy Guelph’s charm offensive to get Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to put electoral reform back on the national menu began tonight at eBar by appealing to a necessary member of Trudeau’s caucus, Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield. The official launch of Local Proportional Representation was meant to appeal beyond the audience of one though, it’s a kick-off to a city-wide campaign to make push reform forward by convincing people that LPR is the best way to make it happen. Continue reading “Electoral Reformers Try to Convince Longfield to Promote a Guelph-Made Proposal”

The “Made in Guelph” Electoral Reform Solution Workshopped

In the basement of St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, as the music from the rehearsal organ echoed nearby, about two dozen people gathered to parse the so-called “Guelph Model”, an electoral reform proposal that’s meant the thread the eye of several different needles in order to meet a whole lot of different expectations. But does it work? Continue reading “The “Made in Guelph” Electoral Reform Solution Workshopped”