Ontario Government Announces $10 Million to Find Remains on Residential School Sites

The shocking (or not-so-shocking) discovery of 215 young Indigenous children buried on the property of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School forced the country to ask a question: How many more kids are out there, unclaimed, and buried in unmarked graves? The Government of Ontario announced today that they’re going to help try and answer the question by offering $10 million to Indigenous communities across Ontario to find out. Continue reading “Ontario Government Announces $10 Million to Find Remains on Residential School Sites”

Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph a Delta Hotspot as Province Moves Up Second Doses

In news nobody wanted the day before the first phase of the provincial re-opening began, the Government of Ontario announced Thursday that Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph is one of seven Public Health sectors in Ontario that are now considered hotspots for the Delta variant of COVID-19. As a consequence, the rollout of the second dose of COVID vaccines is being accelerated in our area starting Monday. Continue reading “Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph a Delta Hotspot as Province Moves Up Second Doses”

Wellington County Denounces “Disturbing” TikTok Video

The cold-blooded attack on a Muslim family in London, Ontario has released an outpouring of love and support for Muslim friends and neighbours across the province, but it has also released a new wave of hate that’s not dissimilar to what caused the Afzaal and Salman family to be targeted in the first plan. The latest example comes from the nearby town of Harriston, and has prompted a swift denouncement from local leaders. Continue reading “Wellington County Denounces “Disturbing” TikTok Video”

Hundreds Come Out to Support Guelph Muslim Community at Vigil

Hundreds and hundreds of people came out to support Guelph’s Muslim community by talking part in a walk and vigil on Thursday. In the aftermath of the death of four family members in London, and the injury of one other, all in an apparent hate-driven attack, Muslims across Canada have expressed shock, but not surprise, as the ugly face of Islamophobia has claimed more lives and left local leaders demanding action. Continue reading “Hundreds Come Out to Support Guelph Muslim Community at Vigil”

Guelph Muslim Society Organizing Walk to Support London Attack Victims

The Guelph Muslim Society is planning a symbolic walk on Thursday night in honour of four members of a London family who were killed while out on a walk of their own on Sunday evening. The attack in London has been universally recognized as a hate-driven and Islamophobic in nature, so Guelph’s Muslims will be leading a vigil and walk later this week to focus local grief and sadness. Continue reading “Guelph Muslim Society Organizing Walk to Support London Attack Victims”

Ontario Government Announces an Earlier Start to the Re-opening Schedule

It’s the news that people all around Ontario wanted to hear: With vaccination rates going up, and COVID case counts going down, the Provincial government announced that they’re moving up the first phase of re-opening by three days. As of 12:01 am this Friday, all municipalities in Ontario will be able to come out of lockdown with more retail, outdoor dining, and slightly bigger outdoor gatherings all allowed. Continue reading “Ontario Government Announces an Earlier Start to the Re-opening Schedule”

Community Responds to Pride Flag Ripped Down at Guelph School

It’s Pride Month, and that means 30 days of celebration and recognition for the members of our community who identify as LGBTQ+. So the rainbow flags are flying on flag poles all around town, but it seems like there are people in Guelph who cannot actually take any pride in Pride. In fact, some delinquent person or persons tore the Pride flag right off the pole of an area school over the weekend. Continue reading “Community Responds to Pride Flag Ripped Down at Guelph School”

CITY PAGES: Fundraising, Water, and Bike Month

The City of Guelph puts out a lot of information on a weekly basis, and while it all ends up on the City’s website somewhere, wouldn’t it be easier to just scroll through it all on one easy-to-read article on Guelph Politico here…? Continue reading “CITY PAGES: Fundraising, Water, and Bike Month”

Guelph CHC Rolling Out Mobile Low-Barrier Vaccine Clinics

Despite the enormous efforts being made to vaccinate everyone in the region, it’s not always easy for people to drop everything and show up at an appointed time and place to get a shot. Considering that many of these people are the ones who are most in need of a vaccine shot – people with health and mobility issues, and essential workers – it’s even more important they get one. Don’t worry, help may be coming to a neighbourhood near you. Continue reading “Guelph CHC Rolling Out Mobile Low-Barrier Vaccine Clinics”

Longfield and Schreiner Offer Statements on Residential Schools

One week ago, news broke that a mass grave was discovered on the grounds of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School. The grave contained the remains of 215 young people, some of them as young as 3 years old, and it prompted a new wave of shock and outrage, along with a call for our political leaders to take immediate steps to address systemic racism against Indigenous people. Are Guelph politicians hearing the call? Continue reading “Longfield and Schreiner Offer Statements on Residential Schools”