MEETING PREVIEW: Transit Advisory Committee Meeting for February 16, 2023

The Year of Transit (which may soon be declared as an actual thing) marches on with the February edition of the Transit Advisory Committee meeting. This month’s stacked agenda will include updates about the transit changes coming later this year, the usual discussion about recent transit issues, and a special field trip for committee members to check out the department’s newest asset (see above).

NOTE: This meeting takes place at 5:30 pm at Boardroom B at the Guelph Transit office on 170 Watson Road South.

Operator Training – Guelph Transit’s certified trainer, Supervisor David Sodaro, will go over two areas of training given to transit operators, who are little less formally known as the people who drive the bus. First, Sodaro will go over how drivers are taught to deal with passengers who don’t pay their fare or are otherwise difficult, and then we will cover how operators learn to share the road with cyclists.

TAC Members’ Rider Feedback – This is the opportunity for members of the committee to offer some first hand feedback about the current transit service and notes that they’ve received from other riders they know. There’s no formal report for this item, but there is already a topic on the agenda in the form of a question from committee member Colleen Harper who asked for information

Trip Planner – There’s no formal report for this item (yet), so there’s uncertainty about what exactly this topic will cover. Presently, “Trip Planning” for Guelph Transit is handled through Google Maps, so it Transit about to unveil its trip planning option? I guess we’ll find out. Laura Catalano-Bragues, supervisor for Scheduling and Service Planning, will present this item.

Planned implementations for Future Ready Action Plan – At last month’s Transit Advisory Committee meeting, it was noted that Transit plans for 2023 would depend on the affirmation of the 2023 budget. So now that it’s affirmed, Transit can dig into those plans for year two in the 10 year Future Ready Action Plan (and you can check out all 116 pages here).

In year two, there will more frequency on the Stone Road Mall, Imperial, General Hospital, and Victoria Road Rec Centre routes plus Westmount will now stop at the Smart Centre and there will now be a 16A and 16B routes from the current Southgate run. The Hanlon Creek Business Park will be extended to Stone Road Mall, and there will also be a temporary route called Speedvale West that will be a kind of pilot for the full 98 Speedvale coming in year three.

Catalano-Bragues will be back to present this one.

General Transit Update – Management staff will be on-hand to offer updates on any pressing transit business that’s not been covered in any of the above topics and categories.

Electric Bus Update – The reason that this meeting is happening at the Transit office on Watson Road. Members of the Transit Advisory Committee will their chance to look at one of the new electric buses with staff and get some further details about their function and roll out.


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