WELLINGTON-HALTON HILLS POLITICAST 2022 – Ryan Kahro, Green Party Candidate

It’s not easy being Green, the song says, and for the longest time running as the Green Party candidate in any election was seen as kind of a long shot. Mike Schreiner proved Greens can win in Ontario in 2018, and while a Green wave seems unlikely in this provincial election, Ryan Kahro thinks she can beat the odds, and more obviously, beat Ted Arnott!

It’s been said many times in this podcast already that Arnott is a formidable opponent, he won 54 per cent of the vote in 2018, his eighth election. As for the Greens, they’ve always had a tough row to hoe in Wellington-Halton Hills, with the best Green performance in 2007 when Martin Lavictoire finished third with 10.25 per cent of the vote, 20 points behind the second place Liberal candidate.

Kahro represents a new wave of environmentally-conscious leadership among people who are young and new to politics: Her birthday is Earth Day, and as a single mother she’s very conscious of the existential crises being faced by her children, from the climate crisis to the affordability crisis. If you look at her website, her team is mostly young, mostly female, and she’s also got proximity to Mike Schreiner, which is something that’s almost certainly going to come up on this edition of the podcast.

Along with that, Kahro will talk about why she decided to run for office now, and why “Green” is more than a political party, but a strategy. She also discusses Ted Arnott’s potential vulnerabilities, and the lack of discussion about climate change in this election. Also, she we will talk about bringing some fresh thinking into government, her immediate priorities if she should win the election, and why we need to keep in mind that “we are not in the same boat” post-pandemic.

So let’s talk about a potential Green rally in this edition of the Wellington-Halton Hills Politicast!

To learn more about  Ryan Kahro or her campaign, you can visit her website here.

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