RECAP: COVID, Housing, and Environment Are Major Concerns from Schreiner Town Hall

The above picture is from the good old days when Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner could have a town hall with people in person. On Wednesday evening, Schreiner took part in a wide-ranging town hall discussion by phone, and his office pegs the number of participants at around 4,400 people, which would be hard to do in-person under “normal” circumstances.  

The intention of the town hall was to get questions and feedback about the provincial COVID-19 response, and the upcoming 2021-2022 Ontario Budget. And while there were not 4,400 questions, many of the questions centred around a few key issues, including the COVID response, vaccination programs, housing, affordability, and, of course, the environment.

Here’s a recap of the Q&A between Schreiner and his constituents.

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