Women In Crisis Teaming Up with Guelph Market for Fundraiser

In this pandemic year, it’s been very hard for a lot of charities and non-profits to make the money they need to help people, and these challenges also come at a time when people need more help than ever. For this reason, Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis is teaming up with Guelph Market to raise some funds this holiday season to help women in need in the Guelph and Wellington County community.

Starting today, and for the next week, Guelph Market will be running an online auction to support Women in Crisis.

“We’re thrilled to boast over 20 prizes donated to the auction by our vendors, local businesses and community members. Prizes will start in a range of different starting bids so there’s something for everyone” said Guelph Market owner Brian Kwok in a statement. “It feels great to be able to lean on our vendors for donations to our various initiatives to contribute back to our community.”

Taking part in the audit is simple, you can go to the Guelph Market website, find the link to the auction, and place a bid using only your valid email address. If yours is the winning bid, you will receive an invoice for your winning bid that can then be paid via e-transfer. According to Kwok, they’ve ironed out the kinks from a previous auction Guelph Market hosted to support land defenders in Six Nations.

“We’ve learned from the experiences running an auction through Facebook with the work we did assisting 1492 Landback Lane. We’ve made some changes in how our auctions will function moving forward and think that the auctions will run a lot smoother and more conveniently for everyone” said Kwok. “We made the ultimate decision to move the auction off of Facebook and onto our website, to ensure it is accessible to all members of our community.”

Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis one of numerous local organizations that has been struggling through the pandemic. Back in May, Women in Crisis received economic recovery funds from the Federal government to keep provide services safely during the pandemic, especially the women and family shelters.

“If you know a woman or child who is struggling, reach out, continue to reach out in a safe way, and let them know that there is support,” said Women in Crisis executive director Sly  Castaldi in an interview earlier this year. “We’re here, we never left, we’ve been doing our work, and we will continue to provide all the services that we can.”

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