GUELPH POLITICAST #243 – The Library Victory Lap

The Guelph Public Library Board of Directors met Tuesday night, and among their agenda items was the next steps for the new main library plan. For many people in Guelph, these are great signs of progress for a project that’s been gestating since the mid-90s, but there might be even more pressure for the board to now turn those plans into reality.

This week on the podcast we’re joined by Scott Butler, who is the current chair of the Library Board. Butler is not the only person to whom credit goes for the new library building’s approval to proceed two weeks ago, and he admits as much in this podcast, but he is now the one that has to lead the Library board, staff, volunteers and friends down the literal and figurative road to the new main library, and its approved $62 million pricetag.

Before we get to all that, let’s take a minute to remember how we got here, all the work that got the project this far, and maybe enjoy the moment. And although there’s still some doubt about the wisdom of the investment in some quarters, the project is now on course to be made a reality. There are capital campaigns to plan, final blueprints to draw, groundbreakings to attend, so what does going forward look like right this minute?

Along with that question, Butler will talk about his immediate thoughts and feelings after the October 7 meeting of council where the Baker Project was approved, and his thoughts about some of the counter-arguments against proceeding. Then, Butler will discuss the immediate next steps, the opportunities for public input and assistance on the project, and where the Baker Project should be at this point next year. In between, we’ll talk what happened to that “silent majority”, and the value of libraries in the middle of a pandemic.

So let’s check out (library pun) what Board Chair Butler thinks now that the vote is done on this week’s Guelph Politicast!

To see the supporting documents for the new main library branch, and the audio version of the September 29 presentation of the design plans and building details on the Guelph Public Library’s website by following the links. You also follow this link to more information about the Library’s Board of Directors.

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