Library Announces Curbside Pick-Up Deets and City Releases Modified Street Deets

June will bring some adjustment to the new normal in our pandemic times. As promised, the Guelph Public Library will begin curbside pick-up on Monday, and speaking of promises kept, the City of Guelph is also following up on city council’s May 11 decision to create options on city streets and sidewalks to get better social distancing.

The library announced Thursday the details for how their curbside pickup program for library materials is going to work:

1) Choose your items from the library’s catalogue by using either the library’s website, or by calling library staff at 519-824-6220. The library is asking that you put all your household borrowing on one library card in order to ensure health and safety of staff.

2) You will be notified when your items are available by either email, text or phone call.

3) When you get your notification, click on the “curbside pick-up” link, arrange for a pick-up time, and choose the library branch you want for pick-up (not including the West End Rec Centre, or the community stops for the bookmobile).

4) At your appointed time and library, and wait in the designated spot with your library card ready. When your materials are ready, they will be brought out to the curbside pick-up table.

5) Bring a bag for your stuff, and be sure to note your due date receipt, which covers the usual checkout period.

The service will only be available Monday through Friday from 11 am to 4 pm. For more information, and phone numbers for the branch near you, click here.

Following-up on a council motion passed on May 11, the City of Guelph unveiled areas where sidewalks have been made one-way to allow for social distancing, and two areas where road lanes are being closed off for active transportation starting on June 8.

“These temporary sidewalk and road changes will create more space for physical distancing while also allowing people to get out and get active,” said Kealy Dedman, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer of Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise Services in a statement. “We ask community members to be patient and kind to their fellow road users as we try these new ways of physical distancing during our new normal.”

For cyclists, the Speedvale Avenue bridge over the Speed River, and Eramosa Road between the Downtown Trail and Delhi Street will have one lane closed to vehicles. Meanwhile, sidewalks will only be one-way on either side of the road in the following locations:

  • Eramosa Road between Callandar Drive and Orchard Crescent
  • Paisley Street between Dublin and Glasgow streets
  • The Edinburgh Road bridge between the Royal Recreational Trail heads
  • Woodlawn Road on the south side from Fairway Lane to 250 meters west of Fairway Lane
  • Macdonell Street bridge between Arthur Street South/Elizabeth Street, Arthur Street North/Rose Street and Woolwich/Wellington Street.

According to the City of Guelph, they prioritized areas with physical constraints like hand rails and retaining walls, as well as areas in close proximity to grocery stores, the hospital, and other high traffic areas.

“We are trying to balance impacts to all road users. Where possible, we are creating one-way sidewalks instead of closing vehicle lanes, or putting up signs to let pedestrians know a narrow spot is coming up ahead,” addedd Dedman. “We will monitor the areas to see if we need to make any adjustments.”

To see the interactive map of road and sidewalk adjustments, click here.

Photo Credit: A scene from the complete streets experiment along Woolwich in September 2019.

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