City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the January 27 Planning Meeting?

After a brief regular meeting, we will get what will surely be a longer planning meeting with two statutory meetings for two re-zoning applications, and a consent agenda that features an Official Plan amendment, two sign bylaw variance requests, and a heritage exemption request.

Note: If you want to register as a delegate for any of these items on the Committee agenda, then you have to get in touch with the City Clerk’s office by 10 am on Friday January 17.

Another Note: The start time for this meeting is 6:30 pm,  following the regular meeting of council, which begins at 6 pm.

IDE-2020-04 Decision Report for Official Plan Amendment No. 69 Commercial Policy Review – This is the culmination of the work on commercial policy in Guelph, and the final wording for the official amendment to the Official Plan. The draft was presented to council back in September, and since then developers and property owners have offered more suggestions for changes, but not all of them were included in the amendment. The one example of a change made to the OPA is a maximum residential density of 150 units requested by Willow Courts Ltd for their property (see below).

IDE-2020-05 Sign By-law Variance, 10 Woodlawn Road East – The Canadian Tire on Woodlawn is looking to add a non-illuminated sign to the front side of the building that will enhance their branding as a promotional partner for the Canadian Olympic team. The staff are granting their approval because the variance requested is relatively minor.

IDE-2020-06 Sign By-law Variance, 435 Stone Road West – A new Starbucks is opening at the east end of Stone Road Mall, and it will have a drive-thru. A couple of illuminated menu boards are being requested, and staff have found that their size and placement will have no impact on the streetscape, and at least one of the signs meets all required regulations.

IDE-2020-09 17 Mary Street, Heritage Permit Application (HP19-0021) – Demolish a house in a heritage district? Sacrilege! Well, not quite. According to the report by staff, although the house was build before 1862, almost all of the defining heritage attributes of the building have been removed over time thus making its cultural value to the Mary Street streetscape and the Brooklyn and College Hill Heritage Conservation District minimal. The plans for the new house that will be built on the land have been reviewed by staff and Heritage Guelph, and it has been found to meet the requirements and standards laid out in the district guidelines.

IDE-2020-07 Statutory Public Meeting Report for 68-76 Wyndham Street South Proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-Law Amendment File: OZS-19-013 (Ward 1) – This is not the 25-storey building on Wyndham you might have heard about, but a significantly smaller development further south at the corner of Wyndham and Howitt. There are a few existing buildings on the site presently, but they will be demolished to make room for a four-storey apartment building with nine units on the north end of the site, and a duplex at the south end for a total of 11 units on the property. Council will only receive this report for information, no final decision will be made on this development at this meeting.

IDE-2020-08 Statutory Public Meeting Report for 47-75 Willow Road Proposed Zoning By-Law Amendment File: OZS19-014 (Ward 3) – The owners of the plaza at the corner of Dawson and Willow are looking to revitalize by tearing down a section of the plaza and building two apartment towers with commercial space on the bottom floor.

Under the proposed plan, the portion of the plaza at the west end of the site, which is home to a Pizza Pizza, cheque cashing office, and a Vietnamese restaurant, will remain. The northern portion of the plaza, which is 1,886 square feet of retail space, will be torn down to make room to build two six-storey buildings; each building will have 750 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor, with 65 apartment units across the other five floors. There will also be ground level parking for the commercial plaza, and underground parking for the apartments.

The application asks for the site to be rezoned from a “Community Commercial” (CC) Zone to a specialized “Community Commercial” (CC-?) Zone. Council will only receive this report for information, no final decision will be made on this development at this meeting.

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