Jahangir Talks to OSG About Not Losing Sight of What Matters

Aisha Jahangir has a great resume to be the New Democratic candidate. She’s a mental health nurse, she’s been a labour organizer and negotiator for her fellow nurses, and she’s shown political interest before in running for school board. But can Jahangir make a case to Guelph that they should send an NDP Member of Parliament to Ottawa?

Jahangir certainly did her best to make a case for her election on the most recent edition of Open Sources Guelph. Here are a few excerpts…

What does “moving forward” look like after the brown face and black face scandal?

“Well, moving forward for me looks like asking, ‘What have we learned from this?’ Because really, it’s not a question of is Prime Minister Trudeau racist or not racist, it’s that he identifies that what he did was wrong, and he was apologetic, but what are some action plans? What is it that we can do to address racism in our country?”

Got to spend money to save money [on pharmacare].

“You’re actually truly giving people the power to look after themselves. There’s been research done that there’s $14,000 in healthcare that’s wasted every minute, in every day, in the absence of pharmacare, and there’s over 600 deaths due to one single illness because people are unable to access medication. That’s concerning. In the grand scheme of things, there will actually be healthcare dollars saved, and more importantly, we’ll be saving lives. So that’s why pharmacare is so important.”

How to you stick to your principles, while reaching compromises?

“What’s very important is that the government should never lose sight who are they for. Whatever decision that the government makes, it cannot forget that it must always be in the best interest of its people, in the best interest of the nation, and I think if you use that as your guiding principle, you won’t go astray. I think, unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case, and I’m not saying it’s easy to do because I’m a union/labour activist with quite an extensive history in the labour movement, and I know what those relationships are all about, but you can never lose sight of who you’re representing, and you’ll be good.”

Why Jagmeet Singh would make a good prime minister?

“He’s authentic, and he is sincere. The first time I met him I wasn’t running, but I had met him at an event, and I just found him very sincere and moving, and I think that’s incredible. He demonstrates leadership, and it’s not just talking about it, it’s actually living it, and being it. You know, talking about black face and brown face, he did a phenomenal job as a leader, and I feel really proud that I am working alongside him on this team, working hard to get what people need.”

You can listen to the full interview yourself on this week’s podcast version of Open Sources, which you can download on your favourite podcast app at iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and Spotify.

The candidate guests this week will Gordon Truscott of the Christian Heritage Party, and Mark Paralovos of the People’s Party. Tune in at 5 pm on CFRU 93.3 fm or cfru.ca.

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