City Wants Feedback on Reloadable Fair Card

Coming soon to a Guelph Transit bus near you, a reloadable transit pass. The cards will function in the same way as the Metrolinx Presto Cards, but there are still so many unanswered questions that the City of Guelph would like to you to help them answer.

Where do you want to get your card? How do you want to load it? These are the questions that the City would like feedback to, and there is even a prize for one of the people that answers the call. More on that in a minute.

From now until October 4, you can take the survey online here and tell the City if you would like to reload your fare card online, by phone, in person at a City facility, at a self-serve kiosk like the Presto machines, or  a retail location. The survey also asks you if you’re a current or future transit user, what kind of fare you’re looking for, and what kind of rider you are.

And that contest? People who enter the contest, and are over the age of 18, are eligible to win a monthly transit pass!

How that pass will be delivered may depend, in part, on the outcome of the survey. The current system involves cash fares, paper tickets, and cards with magnet strips, the tickets and passes are available at various City facilities and retail locations all over town. Some sell tickets, some sell tickets and passes.

“The new card has many benefits including the convenience to add value on the card in person or online,” said the City press release. “Customers choosing to reload online eliminates the need to line up each month at a City facility or retailer to purchase a monthly bus pass. Cash fares will continue to be accepted, but paper tickets will be phased out once the new cards are available.

2 thoughts on “City Wants Feedback on Reloadable Fair Card

  1. I am confused? Why would Guelph transit not adopt the Presto Card system.
    1. It is already tried and tested system
    2. Less administration
    3. GO train/bus users already have makes it easier
    4. It is used by many other transit including GO TTC and all GTA.
    5. Also easily allows for monthly passes as well as university transitions.
    Not surprisingly they will decide against it and buy a system that will end up costing taxpayers in the end. Then eventually transitioning to presto anyways.


  2. Presto requires the city to pay for the system and then give up a % of revenue. Guelph is too small and doesn’t generate enough revenue to do that. It would impact operations and/or have a fare hike just to pay for the system. Also Presto partners have to go along with whatever the card does even if that Presto Transit system doesn’t want to go that way. Apparently the new system will take Presto cards if transferring between GO and Guelph Transit but we will have to see the details.


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