RECAP: Elizabeth May Answers Questions and Talks About Green Ambitions

Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May brought her election message to Guelph on Monday night. Hoping to gain momentum heading into the fall campaign, around 200 people gathered in the University of Guelph’s Peter Clark Hall to hear from May, and ask questions about about the issues.

You can watch the live stream, or read the live tweets below.

May was joined by Guelph Green candidate Steve Dyck, and Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner, in what has become a mandatory stop for the Federal Green leader ahead of every campaign. May talked about the urgency of coming up with a decisive plan to combat climate change, and the Greens’ plan to create more economic equality. May also discussed the imperative to return a minority Parliament to the House of Commons in 2019, and that it’s her hope that the Green Party will hold the balance of power.

In the Q&A,  May responded to questions about the hiring of strategist Warren Kinsella, the Green Party’s housing plan, and how candidates and supporters can sell climate action without all the doom and gloom.

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