City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the June 24 Meeting?

To finish up June, council will revisit leash-free parks in Guelph, and also look ahead to the next phase of winning the Smart Cities Challenge, and what’s going to happen now that the Province has shaken up development charges.

CLOSED MEETING: Public Appointments to the Community Wellbeing Grant Allocation Panel and the Elliott Community Board of Trustees.

STAFF RECOGNITION: Smart Cities Challenge Award – Nearly two dozen senior staff members of the City of Guelph will be saluted for their successful application to the Smart Cities Challenge.

PRESENTATION: Smart Cities Update – After the celebration, Acting CAO Scott Stewart, Executive Director for Strategy, Innovation and Intergovernmental Services Barb Swartzentruber, and Manager of Policy and Intergovernmental Relations Cathy Kennedy will report on the first steps of implementing the circular food economy, and spending that $10 million in prize money.

PRESENTATION: Impact of Provincial Legislative Changes to the City of Guelph – Acting CAO Stewart and General Manager for Finance and Treasurer Tara Baker will review the financial impacts of recently passed Provincial legislation, specifically the More Homes, More Choices Act, AKA: Bill 108. Some of these implications have already been discussed in a staff report from May (as well as this week’s edition of the Guelph Politicast).

PS-2019-08 Leash Free Program Policy – This report follows up on council questions about ways to provide more leash-free facilities outside the two approved leash-free park sites at Bristol Street Park and Peter Misersky Park. Specifically, council asked if staff might consider a modification to the proposed policy to properly define an unoccupied sports field, and then identify potential sports fields that can double as leash-free areas when unoccupied. Staff have come back with a list of 41 sports fields out of Guelph’s total 113 that can double as leash-free areas, but only when no person is using them recreationally. Also, if you’re in one of these parks with your dog off their leash, and someone or someones arrive that want to use the sports field, then the dog walker has to let the people use the field.

CS-2019-66 June 2019 Public Appointments to the Community Wellbeing Grant Allocation Panel – Six people from the current committee will be approved for re-committing to another year, and two new members will join them for a one-year term ending June 2019. The names will be announced at the meeting.

June 2019 Public Appointment to The Elliot Community Board of Trustees – A new person will be appointed to the Elliot Board for a three-year term staring in September. The name of the person will be announced at the meeting.

Consent Agenda Items from Committee of the Whole on June 4:

  • CAO-2019-09 Internal Audit Work Plan Update – 2019
  • CAO-2019-10 Status of Outstanding Management Action Plans – Q1 2019
  • CAO-2019-11 Project Management Process Audit Report
  • CS-2019-19 2018 Unconsolidated Financial Statements
  • CS-2019-20 2018 Consolidated Financial Statements and External Audit Findings Report
  • CS-2019-31 2019 Debenture Issue
  • CS-2019-18 First Quarter 2019 Operating Variance Report
  • PS-2019-09 Paramedic Services Response Time Performance Plan for 2020
  • PS-2019-10 Business Licence Fees 2019
  • PS-2019-07 Agreements with Guelph Community Sports and Soccer Incorporated

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