Local NDP Announces Candidates and Decision Date

Guelph New Democrats have announced that they have two candidates that want to be the party’s candidate for Guelph in the 2019 Federal Election. Which one of them will it be? Members will vote before the end of June.

The two candidates are names that will be familiar to local politicos: Aisha Jahangir and Andy McCann-Pappin.

Jahangir ran as a school board candidate in last fall’s municipal election. She’s a nurse who presently works at the Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre, and she says it’s partially because of her experience in nursing that’s driving her political aspirations.

“As a registered nurse, I understand that strong public systems of healthcare education, and social support are the tools that allow us to advance as a society that leaves no-one behind.” said Jahangir in a press release.

As to why she’s running, Jahangir credits new female leaders in international politics who have inspired her.

“I have been inspired by the new generation of activists and leaders, people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jacinda Ardern. They understand that the impact of environmental degradation and climate change will be greatest on those with the fewest resources – but, ultimately, these forces threaten every person on the planet,” she added.

First, Jahangir will have to beat McCann-Pappin for the chance to run in October. After volunteering on several NDP campaigns in Guelph, and being one of the city’s regular activist faces, McCann-Pappin is taking a chance to lead a campaign with is name on the ballot.

“I believe that it is time politicians need to stop thinking only of how to win the next  elections,” he said in the press release. “Instead, they should focus on long term sustainable solutions to the issues that continue to threaten our society: income inequality, the climate crisis, and maintaining a healthy democratic multicultural society.”

Like Jahangir, McCann-Pappin said that he’s seen first-hand the issues facing people in Guelph, and around the country.

“I have lived the hardships of precarious work and income insecurity working as a temp contract worker for most of my adult life,” he said. “I see the struggle of people to pay for their medications and other healthcare needs everyday with both my parents living on disability.”

NDP members will choose between Jahangir and McCann-Pappin in the official nomination meeting on June 22 at 2 pm at the Evergreen Seniors Centre. In the meantime, Jahangir will be hosting a meet-up at the Carbon Cafe at 175 Chancellors Way at 8:30 on Tuesday June 11.

Acclaimed candidates for the riding of Guelph in the 2019 Federal Election so far includes incumbent Lloyd Longfield for the Liberal Party, Steve Dyck for the Green Party, and Mark Paralovos for the People’s Party, and Dr. Ashish Sachan for the Conservatives.

Election Day is October 21.

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