Sachan is the Conservative Candidate for Guelph this Fall

Dr. Ashish Sachan has been acclaimed as the Conservative candidate for the Guelph riding for the 2019 Federal election this fall. In all, 223 members voted between the two candidates, veterinarian Sachan and local businessman Derek Matisz.

A surprised Sachan thanked Matisz who he called a “strong candidate,” and said that he “respects and admires anyone that stands up for what they believe in and puts their name on the ballot.”

“It’s going to take every person in this room – their friends, their neighbours, and their families – to rally together to elect a Conservative in Guelph, and return the Conservatives to power in Ottawa,” Sachan said.

“When my family and I chose Canada as our home, we never dreamed of this day. This shows the potential of Canada, and what an immigrant can do when opportunities are presented.”

The Candidates

Sachan and Matisz had different stories, but they both agreed that 2019 presented a unique opportunities for Conservatives in Guelph, and that their message was that this is a different sort of Conservative Party.

“It is time to show Canadians that Conservatives are not the same fear-mongering people and were not the same stereotype that the left says we are,” said Sachan, who added that the Liberal attack will paint Conservatives as anti-science and anti-environment, which his candidacy as a veterinarian and an employee green tech company disproves.

“We’re a conservative party that’s adapting to the changing times, all the while retaining the traditional values of compassion, individual freedom and hard work,” he added.

Matisz, meanwhile, explained that being a candidate was a dream, and that he had to overcome some social anxiety in order to finally put his name on the ballot. He agreed that there’s an opportunity for Conservatives to break out in 2019.

“People want to talk to us, they’re not slamming doors. They really want the dialogue,” Matisz said of the campaign so far, adding that he’s seen people of all parties disillusioned by the times.

“I’ve met so many people that are all galvanised to win. We have an incredibly strong base, and this is going to be a very different election than in the past.”

Matisz cited his political heroes as former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, the late U.S. Senator John McCain, and Wellington-Halton Hills MP Michael Chong, who, Matisz said, “has strong values and puts his own riding over his own beliefs or his own party.”

“Big thinking, problem solving and values is what I’ll bring to Guelph [as MP],” he added.

Both Sachan and Matisz said that terminating the federal carbon tax, restoring a balanced budget, and improving Canada’s standing on the world stage were their main issues.

What’s Next?

After accepting the nomination of the party membership, Sachan discussed his victory, and his hopes for the campaign with members of local media.

“We are a party that’s adapting with the changing times,” Sachan said. “We have certainly brought different communities together who were traditionally not a voting block for the Conservative Party, and that does feel like a vindication.”

Sachan added that he’s confident in the Conservatives message, and he’s looking forward to taking it door-to-door.

Sill, there’s an uphill climb for Sachan if he wants to sit in the Guelph seat in the House of Commons. There was a 14-point difference between the Liberal candidate and the second place Conservative candidate in the 2015 election, plus recent polls have suggested that the Green Party is a prime position to take the seat with a statistical tie between the Liberal and Green candidates.

“We are going to try our best,” Sachan said with a smile. “These are changing times, and we’re pretty confident that we’re going to make it to Ottawa.”

Sachan joins incumbent Lloyd Longfield for the Liberal Party, Steve Dyck for the Green Party, and Mark Paralovos for the People’s Party, as the acclaimed candidates so far in Guelph for this fall’s federal election

Election Day is October 21.

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