Parks and Rec Master Plan and Police Diversity: Feedback Wanted

The City of Guelph is reaching out again to you, the citizens of the Royal City, for some feedback to a couple of different issues. Do you have ideas about the future of Guelph park infrastructure and its recreational programs? Do you have concerns about the diversity on the Guelph Police Service? This is for you.

First, Parks and Rec. On Thursday June 20, there will be two open house hosted by the City to learn about how the master plan will come together, and to offer their input into the plan and what specific things it should focus on. The two open houses will talk place at the West End Community Centre from 2 to 4 pm, and at the Victoria Road Recreation Centre from 7 to 9 pm.

“The updated master plan will be a shared vision and strategy for how the City’s parks and recreation programs, services, and facilities should grow to meet current and future needs of the community,” said Heather Flaherty, general manager of Parks and Recreation in a media release.

“This is an exciting opportunity for residents to help us dive deeper into the themes and strategic directions of the Community Plan that relate to parks and recreation programming in our community.”

If you can’t make either of those open houses, you will be able to offer your feedback via the City’s website any time between now and July 4.

On a different matter entirely, the Guelph Police Service is also looking for some feedback on a couple of issues. They want to understand perceptions around diversity within the Guelph community, and they’d like to get feedback on the development and implementation of a Diversity Plan for the GPS.

There are no open houses for this one, just a five-minute survey that you can fill out by visiting the Guelph Police website.

CORRECTION: The original version of this article said that online feedback for the Parks and Recreation Master Plan begins on June 20.

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