City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the June 10 Meeting?

On the planning meeting agenda this month is a couple of statutory items, a request for a planning application extension, and the return of a fan-favourite topic about driveways.

IDE-2019-53 Request for an Extension of Draft Plan Approval 55 and 75 Cityview Drive North File: 23T-12501 – Back in June 2016, council approved a plan by Fusion Homes to develop these properties in two phases. Development of phase two was supposed to begin next month, but the start of development has been delayed because of the lack of availability on certain services it seems. Since the subdivision approval expires on July 12, the developers are asking for a five-year extension, which staff is recommending that council approve.

PS-2019-12 Fixed Gear Brewing Company By the Glass Manufacturer’s Limited Liquor Sales Licence Application – Because Guelph needs another craft brewer, the Fixed Gear Brewing Company is asking for the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (ACGO) to issue them a licence for on-site sales and consumption. Any company looking to get such a licence has to show proof that city council endorses the application, and a positive vote in a council meeting would do that. Staff is recommending that council endorse Fixed Gear’s application.

IDE-2019-64 Ministry of Transportation Connecting Links Program 2019-2020 York Road Reconstruction from Ontario Street to Stevenson Street – Since York Road doubles as a provincial highway, Highway #7 to be precise, that means that the City can apply to the Province to help cover the costs of capital road improvements. The Ministry of Transportation will provide up to 90 per cent of the funding, with the municipality making up the other 10 per cent through the Connecting Link Program. The total estimated cost of this project is expected to be $4,525,000, which means that the City can apply for approximately $3.2 million. The application, which staff needs council’s endorsement for, is for $2,628,970. Construction on this stretch is expected to begin sometime in April 2020.

IDE-2019-56 Statutory Public Meeting Report 51-53 College Avenue West Proposed By-law Amendment File: OZS19-003, Ward 5 – This is one of those situations where there’s a building type on a property that it’s not zoned for. The property owner is looking to make an official change from “Residential Single Detached” (R.1B) Zone to a “Specialized Residential Semi-Detached/Duplex” (R.2-?). No new development for this site is proposed.

IDE-2019-57 Statutory Public Meeting Report 78 and 82 Eastview Road Proposed By-law Amendment File: OZS19-004, Ward 2 – Presently, these are two big parcels of land that have one single-detached dwelling on each piece, but if approved by council, there could soon be 57 cluster townhouses there instead. Complicating things is that there’s some environmentally sensitive land on the property because it features significant wetlands, significant woodlands and significant habitat of provincially endangered and threatened species. Development and site alteration is not allowed in Natural Heritage Systems, so the new builders will leave those sensitive areas alone in the north and west portion of the property.

IDE-2019-02 Procedure to Request Temporary Suspension of Enforcement of Driveway Regulations: Draft Framework – To recap from May 13, staff brought back a report on how best to administer neighbourhood applications for suspension of by-laws around driveway enforcement for semi-detached properties and townhouses. Councillor Dan Gibson made the suggestion that instead of making more work for staff, they should revisit his original motion from September and just suspend the pertinent bylaws city-wide till the Comprehensive Bylaw Review is complete. Council passed a motion to defer this discussion till the June planning meeting to give the public an opportunity to offer their feedback.

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