Schreiner Counters Ford With Some Carbon Tax Stickers of His Own

Last month in the budget, the Ontario Government announced that every gas station in the province will be mandated to post a sticker on all their pumps to show how the Federally-mandated carbon tax increases the cost of a litre of gas under the penalty of heavy fines. Well Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner has decided to offer some stickers of his own.

Starting today, Schreiner is offering free stickers to any gas station that wants them. These stickers also feature a warning about cost, but they outline the cost of doing nothing about climate change.

“It’s outrageous that the Premier is forcing businesses to be complicit in his anti-climate misinformation campaign. We’re inviting gas stations to make use of the stickers if they want to inform the public about the full costs of the climate emergency,” said Schreiner.

This is what the sticker looks like:

The point, according to Schreiner, is to draw attention to the real problems we’re facing when it comes to the environment, like the recent extreme flooding that is affecting many parts of the province right now.

“The extreme flooding across the country should compel us to have an urgent discussion about reducing pollution and preparing our communities,” said Schreiner. “Yet the Premier wastes millions of taxpayer money to sabotage solutions. And he is cutting funding for programs that protect us from extreme weather by axing tree planting and cutting flood preparation programs.”

Other groups have come out against the idea of the sticker, and not necessarily for environmental reasons. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce has come forward to say that this move violates the rights and freedoms of gas station operators. On that subject, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association was already promised to take legal action should the law pass.

“The provincial government has managed to require private companies to advertise for them and, more specifically, advertise against the federal government of a different political stripe,” said Cara Zwibel, CCLA’s Director of Fundamental Freedoms Program in a written statement.

“Not only is this advertising free for the government – they can earn money for every retailer who fails to comply (retailers who fail to post the notice face fines of up to $10,000 per day),” she added. “They have turned gas retailers into their PR firms and turned compelled speech into a revenue stream.”

“The Premier is on the wrong side of history, and the people of Ontario cannot afford his scare campaign. We all deserve better, and I will continue standing up to defend our children and grandchildren,” said Schreiner.

If you would like a sticker, you can sent an email request to climatecosts [at] To learn more, you can visit the Green Party’s website here.

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