GUELPH POLITICAST #89 – Dr. Hugh Whiteley, “Emeritus Council Delegate”

City council wrapped up this week as the traditional summer break began, and it wound to a close without a distinctive voice… But at least until you’ll be able to hear it on this week’s podcast. 

Dr. Hugh Whiteley is a regular face and voice at city council meetings, usually delegating on planning matters, and usually to point out that city council and staff are doing something out of bounds according to the pertinent master plan. What makes him an expert? How about decades of experience as a hydrological engineer, and actually being a part of past city planning processes?

Whiteley’s been in Guelph since the University was barely a university, and he’s been delegating to city council since the councillors were called aldermen. That’s a rare kind of institutional memory, and one that Whiteley still likes to employ at council, which is sure to the delight or annoyance of the present council depending on the mood or the tenure of debate. Hence the joke above, “Emeritus Council Delegate”

But that’s part one of the reason I wanted Dr. Whiteley on the show; part two is the general question about how one gets involved in council? A lot of people want to engage with city hall, they want to stay on top of things in their neighbourhood, they want to get to know the inner workings of city council, but how can they begin? What can they do? I think there’s some solid advice here from Dr. Whiteley.

So on this week’s podcast, I talk to Dr. Whiteley about his life’s work, some of his experiences working with the city and council over the years, his own experience running for local office, and how you – yes, you! – can get better informed and engaged in City of Guelph the Whiteley way! (Granted, you’ll have to get your own Ph.D.)

So let’s learn from a master on delegating and being a planning policy wonk on this week’s Guelph Politicast.

I’m sure that you will hear from Dr. Hugh Whiteley again at a city council meeting coming up in the near future. That will have to be after the summer hiatus, if course. Council is on break until September.*

*Next week on the Guelph Politicast, there will be a recap of the council year so far, stay tuned for that.

The theme music for the Guelph Politicast is from the KPM Klassics collection by Syd Dale.

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Remember that the Politicast Podbean channel is also the host for podcast versions of Open Sources Guelph. The previous Thursday’s episode of Open Sources will be posted on Mondays.

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