Tribune Clarifies the Matter with Negative Seagram Ads

The early campaign tactic to throw mud on NDP candidate Andrew Seagram by the “Regional Agent of the Conservative Party of Canada” has made national headlines, but what was missing from the conversation was an answer to an important question: did he actually say that? The answer is, of course not. Two ads have been released by the nameless “Regional Agent”, both with quotes taken from social media, both taken out of context. Fortunately, the Guelph Tribune has done the dirty work of re-contextualizing things.

In a move surprising no one, the full comment on both counts show that Seagram didn’t say what the ad said they said. In fact, in context his statements seem quite rational and within accepted opinion on the subject. Not that it will stop people like Marty Burke from riding the coattails of the false allegations. I’ve said it before, but it would be nice if both papers in town would get on the page of refusing to publish letters from Marty Burke until he goes on the record about the 2011 election and robocalls.

Here’s the piece from the Tribune.

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