Andrew Seagram Acclaimed as NDP Candidate for Guelph in #elxn42

The local New Democrats were the first out of the gate last night in naming their candidate for this October’s Federal Election. In the now-open riding of Guelph, the stakes will be high here for the implications of the national race along with choosing who will represent us, and the NDP are hoping Royal City voters are going to choose Andrew Seagram.

There were a total of three candidates all vying for the NDP nomination, and the rhetoric from all three potentials was strongly enthusiastic about the party’s fortunes in the coming election. The 60-75 members of the Guelph riding association in attendance heard from community organizer Seagram, minister of Three Willows United Church Anne Grajersky-Caulet, and Geoff Krauter who works with the Guelph Campus Co-op. Each candidate gave a speech and participated in a Q&A session before voting began.

After two ballots Seagram was named the nominee:

“Andrew is a dedicated community organizer with a track record for fighting for the people of Guelph. At a time of historic income inequality, he brings a tremendous amount of practical experience in understanding the needs of families to get by,” said Guelph NDP Riding Association President Jon Beharry in a statement released after the nomination meeting. “The membership sent a message that the NDP intends to win in Guelph and is ready to do the work to make that happen.”

“Tom Mulcair and the NDP will be able to make clear, responsible legislative change that will be an example the world over,” added Seagram. “We will have our country back and we can put these dark times behind us knowing that we will bring justice and compassion back as core values in Canada.”

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