Tabbara Case Held Over By Guelph Court Until Late-August

The court case that has intrigued a nation, and raised questions about transparency with the Guelph Police Service, made it’s way to a Guelph courtroom on Friday… to be continued. As Tabbara went to court, the national broadcaster reported new information that allegations about the Kitchener-South Hespeler Member of Parliament were known by the Liberal Party before the 2019 election, and he was allowed to run anyway. Continue reading “Tabbara Case Held Over By Guelph Court Until Late-August”

Kitchener MP Arrested in Guelph, Will “Step Back” From Caucus

Kitchener-South Hespeler MP Marwan Tabbara has announced that he will be taking a “step back” from the Liberal caucus after it was revealed that he was arrested for a series of charges in Guelph on April 10. Tabbara will still be representing his constituents for the time being, but he also acknowledges the charges while adding that he’s being treated for anxiety and depression. Continue reading “Kitchener MP Arrested in Guelph, Will “Step Back” From Caucus”