Tolhurst Trying to Crowd Source for Legal Costs

The political world locally didn’t stop spinning while the election was in session, and in that time a committee heard the results of an audit into the 2014 election expenses of Ward 6 council candidate Glen Tolhurst, and the good news is that no one will be prosecuted. On the other hand, this has left Tolhurst with substantial legal bills, and he’s using an increasingly popular venue to raise funds for his legal defense: crowd-funding. Continue reading “Tolhurst Trying to Crowd Source for Legal Costs”

Audit to Dig into Ward 6 Candidate’s Election Donations

One might think that coming in a distant fourth in the race to become one of two city councillors in Ward 6 would have been punishment enough, but a Guelph citizen is demanding an audit of Glen Tolhurst’s donations from the 2014 election be performed. Why? Two words: GrassRoots Guelph. Continue reading “Audit to Dig into Ward 6 Candidate’s Election Donations”