Two Weeks Till Deadline and Half of Council Still Needs to File Expenses

Although the 2018 Municipal Election has been over for a while, there’s still matters of paperwork that need to be completed. On March 29, all the financial statements for candidates and third party advertisers from the last fall’s elections are due to the City Clerk, but as of right now only five members of the current city council have submitted theirs. Continue reading “Two Weeks Till Deadline and Half of Council Still Needs to File Expenses”

Guelph Citizen Digs Into Campaign Expenses

Doing their due diligence on the money front from last fall’s Municipal Election, Andy Best at the Guelph Citizen posted a breakdown of how much the current members of council spent in order to win their seats. For council candidates, the spending limit is between $16 to $18,000 depending on the ward they’re running in, while there’s a $82,000 limit for mayor. For the most part, the candidates didn’t get near their spending limits, but the numbers, as pointed out by the Citizen, do show some interesting trends. Continue reading “Guelph Citizen Digs Into Campaign Expenses”