Anti-Vax Prof Bridle Sues U of G and Others For Impacts on Career

When it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy movement in Canada, few people carry as much weight as Dr. Byram Bridle. And speaking of weight, Bridle is using his now to sue the institution that gave him tenure and where he was, until recently, a valued faculty member. Bridle is suing the University of Guelph and key executive and faculty members for $3 million dollars. Continue reading “Anti-Vax Prof Bridle Sues U of G and Others For Impacts on Career”

Guelph Organizers Holding Conference on “Human Rights” Kitchener

This weekend, a group of bikers called “Rolling Thunder Ottawa” will be protesting in the nation’s capital for restoring “fundamental rights and freedoms” as part of a campaign dedicated to the “end of all tyrannical bills and legislation.” More locally, Guelph organizers are planning a town hall called “Shifting Perspectives: The Erosion of Human Rights.” Sounds interesting, right? However it sounds, this, and the biker rally, are both about the same things: conspiracy theories and COVID misinformation. Continue reading “Guelph Organizers Holding Conference on “Human Rights” Kitchener”