City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the Workshop Meeting on April 25?

We begin a busy week at city council with an appropriately big project back on the front burner. After taking a break these last couple of months as the consultants worked, city council will revisit their work on the Strategic Plan, now in draft form. What will this council decide to make their major goals for the next four years, and can they all agree on going in the same direction? Let’s find out!

NOTE #1: Delegates will be able to appear at this meeting in-person or via tele-presense but you do have to register with the clerks office before 10 am on Friday April 21. You can also submit written delegations and correspondences for agenda items.

NOTE #2: In addition to meeting in-person, this meeting will also be live-streamed on the City of Guelph’s website here.

NOTE #3: This meeting proceeds April’s regular meeting, which starts, as usual, at 6:30 pm.

Strategic Plan Refresh: Workshop with City Council #3 – Picking up where they left off in February, council will sit down again to talk about that updated Strategic Plan, except this time there will be some discussion around the first draft. What does it say? To be determined.

More details about the draft will be released with the amended agenda next week, but for now, the council report sets the stage by outlining the four key issues that will be discussed: City Building, Environment, People and Economy and Foundations. Housing is a primary consideration in most of those areas, including Environment, where sustainable communities are a consideration.

This is the last meeting where the new Strategic Plan will be discussed before it comes back for final approval at Committee of the Whole in July. After that, staff will develop KPIs and the approved initiatives will be reflected in the 2024-27 multiyear budget when it comes to council for a vote later this year.


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