It’s Provincial Voter Registration Month in Ontario, So Register

If you’re on this website, then you’re probably aware that there’s two elections coming up this year; a provincial election for the Ontario legislature this spring, and municipal elections for towns and cities around Ontario this fall. You may be surprised to learn though that March is Provincial Voter Registration Month. Well, Elections Ontario remembers, and they want you to use the next 31 days to make sure you’re on the list.

“As we prepare for the 2022 general election, I encourage all eligible Ontarians to confirm, update, or add their information to the voters list,” said Greg Essensa, the Chief Electoral Officer of Ontario in a statement. “Early registration makes the voting experience easier by allowing us to share important election information with voters before they head to the polls.”

Signing up for the voters’ list, or even making sure that you’re already on the voters’ list with the correct information, is as easy as logging on to the Elections Ontario website and following the on-screen instructions. The Elections Ontario site also let’s you remove a name from the voters’ list whether you would like to remove your own name (you shouldn’t do that by the way), or remove the name of a deceased person.

All Canadian citizens in Ontario 18 and over are eligible to vote in the Ontario Election. Also, Canadian citizens who are 16 or 17 years old and live in Ontario can prepare to vote in future elections by adding themselves to the Ontario Register of Future Voters, that way, when you turn 18, you will be automatically added to the voters’ list.

While you can register to vote any time up to, and including, Election Day, registering to vote in advance, or updating your information on the list, will ensure that you get your voter information card with personalized information about when and where to vote once an election has been called.

When it comes to making sure your name’s on the voters list for the municipal election that’s a little more complicated. The voters’ list for municipal elections in Ontario is currently under the responsibility of the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation. MPAC mainly creates and maintains a a comprehensive database of information for more than five million properties in Ontario, and it also maintains the voters’ list.

If you want to look and see if you’re on the voters’ list, or if you know for sure that you’re not on the list and you would like to add your name, you an visit MPAC’s voter look-up website here.

The Provincial election will take place on or before Thursday June 2, and the Municipal election is on Monday October 24.

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