Local Green Candidate Joins National Party Shadow Cabinet

Much of the talk on the Federal politics beat lately has been about the likelihood of an election either later this summer or sometime in the fall. Part of running for office is recognizing the talent under your own banner, and it seems like the Green Party of Canada recognizes that the person running for the party in Guelph has potential because Michelle Bowman has officially been announced as a member of the shadow cabinet.

On Thursday, the Green Party announced the line-up of 23 people – eight men and 15 woman – who are part of their new shadow cabinet under leader Annamie Paul. Bowman will served as the critic for Environment.

“I am thrilled to welcome the first members to their new roles as Critics in our Shadow Cabinet,” said Paul in a statement. “Not only is this one of the most diverse Shadow Cabinets in the Green Party’s history, it is also the most experienced and qualified cabinet we have ever showcased. It truly demonstrates the breadth and depth of talent within the Green Party of Canada, and I look forward to working closely with each of them.”

Unlike most party shadow cabinets, which are appointed by the leader with advice from select senior staff, the Green Party had an open application process to appoint their critics from a variety of party candidates and activists across Canada. There were 150 applications in all, according to the Green Party, representing seven PhDs, and multiple award winners from a variety of fields and backgrounds.

One of those PhDs is Bowman herself, who has a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Alberta, and is an adjunct professor at Ontario Tech University focusing on freshwater ecology and statistics.”I’m thrilled to be joining the GPC Shadow Cabinet as Critic for the Environment,” Bowman said on social media. “The team is excited to help elect more federal Greens than ever before – a Green wave we need now more than ever!”

Unlike the government position that combines environment and climate change in one portfolio, Bowman shares critical responsibilities with Dr. Imre Szeman, research professor of environmental communication at the University of Waterloo, who is the critic specifically for climate change.

“With the announcement of the new Shadow Cabinet and the nomination of candidates who applied through our Time to Run campaign, I am proud to say that we are fulfilling our promise of building the diversity of the Green Party of Canada,” Paul said.

Bowman is so far the only declared candidate for the local Green Party. Dr. Ashish Sachan and Aisha Jahangir have already been acclaimed as the Conservative and NDP candidates respectively, while Tristan Dineen has announced his intention to represent the Communist Party here in Guelph for the next election. The incumbent, Lloyd Longfield, is expected to run again for the Liberal Party.

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