GUELPH POLITICAST #249 – Why We Need a Science Centre

When he’s not setting some of the most bizarre world records, Professor Jason Thomas, or as he’s more commonly known, The Great Orbax, can be found teaching physics at the University of Guelph, or out in the community instilling a love of science in people young and old. His latest project: taking that love, and turning into support for a new Guelph destination: a bricks-and-mortar science centre.

On November 10, Orbax, his colleague Dr. Joanne  O’Meara, U of G President Charlotte Yates, and a who’s who of “sci-lebrities” all appeared in a video to launch a simple idea: let’s build a science centre in Guelph. It almost seems weird that Guelph doesn’t have a science centre doesn’t it? We’re the epicentre for food and veterinary sciences in Ontario, we were one-half of the winning Smart Cities Challenge, originator of the blue box program, and home of numerous inventions and experiments.

Long story short, this is an overlooked area of our local culture, and Orbax is one of the people that would like it overlooked no longer. Royal City Science, which is a registered non-profit that promotes science and STEM education, will begin by creating online science-based courses and activities. If successful, that will hopefully lead to in-person events, which will continue to generate interest and awareness for that full science centre, but there’s still a lot of road between here and there that needs to be covered.

In this podcast, Orabax will lay out the reasons why a science centre would fit nicely with other Guelph destination spots, and what a bricks and mortar science centre might offer the city. He will also talk about the state of science education, the growing influence of science denialism, and why we might have to write off a generation of older people that have fallen down misinformation rabbit holes. And, because of the time of year, he will also talk about science-related gifts you can give the young people in your life.

So let’s talk science and science centres on this week’s Guelph Politicast!

To learn more about Royal City Science, its programs, and its initiative to build a new science centre in Guelph, you can visit their website. You can also follow Orbax and his adventures in science on Instagram at the handle OrbaxandPepperDoScience.

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