GUELPH POLITICAST #229 – Black Votes Matter!

This is where the hard work of changing the system, and combating systemic racism, begins. For almost two months there have been marches, demonstrations and meetings all designed to promote the cause, but if we’re going to tear down the system, and build something more equitable, it’s going to be a more long term fight. So how do we begin? Why don’t we begin with this podcast?

This week, Velma Morgan, the Chair of Operation Black Vote Canada, joins us to talk about how we get more representation for the 18.8 per cent of our population in Guelph who are visible minorities. All things being equal, three of the spots on city council should be represented by People of Colour, which doesn’t seem hard, but how do we make People of Colour in our community more comfortable in the council chambers, and how do we make more space for them in our politics?

Morgan’s list of accomplishments is too long to list here (you can read them here though), but sufficient to say that her experience in promoting more involvement by Black Canadians in all levels of politics is a good place to start having the discussion. At Operation Black Vote Canada, Morgan and her colleagues run programs to educate, promote and support Black Canadians’ participation in Canada’s political process at all levels and elected offices, whether that’s local boards, or seats in government. Her advice should be essential listening on this topic, so let’s listen.

In this episode of the podcast, Morgan will lay out the work of Operation Black Vote Canada, their accomplishments, and the current picture of Black representation at all levels of government here in Canada. She will also talk about voter turnout among Black Canadians, and the extent of the barriers for Black Canadians to get involved in politics. She will discuss the racial bias in municipal politics, what current members of city council should be doing to encourage diversity, and what we all should be doing in our community for the next two years to get more People of Colour involved in politics before the next municipal election.

So let’s talk about getting out the vote among our racialized communities on this week’s Guelph Politicast!

To learn more about Operation Black Vote Canada, or to take Velma Morgan up on her generous offer for political engagement training, you can find that information on their website here. Keep in mind, the opening of nominations for the 2022 Municipal Election is now less than two years away…

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