City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the February 24 Meeting?

Though there’s really only one item on the agenda, it’s still going to be a busy night for council as the fate of Guelph’s leash free dog parks will be decided. Will the parks be saved, or will City staff be forced to go back to the drawing board?

Note: If you want to register as a delegate for any of these items on the Committee agenda, then you have to get in touch with the City Clerk’s office by 10 am on Friday February 21.

PS-2020-02 Leash Free Implementation Plan – The big item, and really the only item, of the night is the final vote to cancel, or uncancel, Guelph’s leash-free dog parks. Right now, there are seven people listed as delegates, and over 200 correspondences included in the package, and the agenda was just posted yesterday. The original recommendation brought to Committee of the Whole was to cancel construction of the Lee Street fenced in area, but the motion from the end of the meeting not only canceled the Lee Street Park project, but it terminated further construction at the Bristol Street Park, and will order the removal of the infrastructure from Peter Misersky Park. Staff will also be directed to look at the feasibility of new fenced in dog parks in non-residential areas.

Consent Agenda items from the Committee of the Whole meeting on February 3. (Items can be pulled by a councillor seeking additional information, otherwise all items will be voted on as a slate without further debate.)

  • CS-2020-02 Debt Management Policy Update
  • CS-2019-103 Development Fee Exemptions or Waivers
  • CS-2020-23 Development Charge Interest Policy
  • CS-2020-04 2019 Financial Condition Assessment and Proposed Long-term Financial Framework
  • PS-2020-01 238 Willow Road Application

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