City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the February 10 Meeting?

It should be night of potential NIMBY fireworks at this month’s planning meeting as council renders a decision on one controversial development, and hears the planning application for a *really* controversial new project.

Note: If you want to register as a delegate for any of these items on the Committee agenda, then you have to get in touch with the City Clerk’s office by 10 am on Friday February 7.

IDE-2020-12 Decision Report: 300 Water Street for Proposed Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment OP1707 and ZC1712 (Ward 5) – The statutory public meeting for this project proposed seven townhouses and one detached building for this site, but the final report loses one of the townhouses, and at the same time loses some of the regulatory concerns. Staff are recommending that the project in its current form be approved.

IDE-2020-10 Statutory Public Meeting Report: 70 Fountain Street Proposed Official Plan and Zoning By-Law Amendment OZS19-015 (Ward 1) – For local development nerds, this is the statutory meeting you’ve been waiting for. Skyline is proposing to tear down their two-story building at the corner of Fountain and Wyndham, and alternatively build a 25-storey building with 3,900 square feet of ground floor retail space, and 67,000 square feet of office space on the three floors above. Then comes 21 storeys of apartments for a total of 180 units, and underground, a four-level parking structure with 207 parking spaces. To make this happen, the site will have to be rezoned from “Institutional or Office” designation to the “Mixed Use 1”, and the height schedule of the Downtown Secondary Plan has to be amended to allow a height of greater than a maximum of six-storeys. This is the statutory public meeting for this development, which means that no final decisions will be made at this time; council is merely voting to receive the report.

IDE-2020-13 Decision Report: 361 Whitelaw Road Proposed Official Plan and Zoning By-Law Amendments File: OZS18-005 (Ward 4) – It’s the third round for this particular development that first came to council in December 2018 with five apartment buildings at eight-to-ten storeys each, a series of four-storey multi-residential buildings for a total of 784 units. In July 2019, it came back to council with a new plan for four apartment buildings at eight or nine storeys in height, plus two additional six-storey apartment buildings along with stacked, back-to-back townhouses for a total of 700 units. The final count is 678 units, but the plan more or less remains the same: high density buildings at the north end of the site, an open park at the south, and medium density in the middle. Staff are recommending that council approve the plan as it currently stands.

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