The Pot Shop For Guelph is Cancelled… Or is it?

Last week, it was announced that an application to open a cannabis retailer in the downtown core had been approved by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). One week later, it seems that the AGCO giveth and the ACGO taketh away, but on the other hand it may giveth again.

To recap, the ACGO drew another 42 applications in its lottery last week, and awarded another group of retailers a chance to open bricks-and-mortar cannabis stores by October. Of the 42 applications drawn, 11 were given to the “West Region”, which includes Guelph. Guelph was awarded with its first cannabis retail license, and it was given to John Reynolds, who applied to open his shop at 120 Wyndham St. N., which is presently an empty storefront just north of St. George’s Square.

One week later though, is seems that Reynolds missed the deadline to submitted confirming documentation to the ACGO. The Guelph shop, plus 16 others that were drawn last week, had their licenses pulled for failing to file their paperwork by the deadline, along with Guelph, two other stores in the West Region also lost their potential franchises.

So just like, the Royal City’s pot dreams are torn asunder because of some missed deadlines, or are they…

Out of the depths of despair is the revelation on the ACGO website that one Ralph Llacar has made it off the waiting list. Llacar evidently has a potential store to set up at 208 Victoria Rd S, which is the same plaza as the Eggcetera restaurant, Lens Mills, Party Corner, and other established retailers.

Two problems though. One is that the Little Learners Daycare is situated in the same plaza, and the City of Guelph last year passed a bylaw that says a cannabis retailer can’t be opened within 150 metres of a school, daycare, or park. And wouldn’t you know it, but 208 Victoria Rd S is withing 150 metres of Little Learners Daycare.

The second problem, according to, is that there is presently no vacant retail space in this plaza. Where is this cannabis retailer going to open?

To be continued because, like the previous applicant, Ralph Llacar  has one week to file all the necessary paperwork for his license to be processed.

As to other area cannabis retailers, Kitchener will get another store, this one in that city’s downtown at 73 King St, and, interestingly, Kitchener has a third retailer on the waiting list, but it has also applied to set up at 73 King. London is also getting an additional retailer, bringing the potential number of cannabis stores there to three.

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