Feds Announce Money for Small Businesses to Find Energy Efficiencies

If adapting to, and mitigating, climate change sounds like a big, expensive job, it’s because it is. Of course, if you’re a small or medium size business, just about any additional cost or project is big, so if you want to tackle a project to make yourself more environmentally-friendly, wouldn’t it be nice if the Federal government could offer some assistance?

Well, your wish has been answered.

Last week, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna announced that small-to-medium-sized businesses in Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan are eligible to receive funding for up to 25 percent of the cost of projects that reduces energy use, saves money, and cuts greenhouse gas pollution.

“In communities across Canada, small and medium-sized businesses are proving that taking action on climate change is good for business,” said McKenna in a media release. “To build on their leadership and ensure more small-and medium-sized businesses have the means to take action, we are helping business owners invest in new equipment and retrofits to be more energy efficient, cut pollution, and save money.”

This money will allow businesses to build retrofits, improve industrial processes, fuel switching, and the production of renewable energy for their own use; anything that improves energy efficiency, or reduces energy use. Businesses can apply to a maximum of $250,000, and the minimum amount of federal funding per application is $20,000.

“Small-and medium-sized businesses want to do their part to fight climate change, and helping them invest in energy-efficient equipment will not only cut their pollution but also increase their productivity,” said Minister of Small Business and Export Promotion, Mary Ng. “The environment and the economy go hand in hand—from the neighbourhood hardware store to the contractors performing the retrofits—and we’re proud to help small business owners be part of the climate change solution every step of the way.”

“Dealing with the Climate Emergency means taking concrete steps toward reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions. Industry contributes 40 per cent of current GHG’s, so it is important to provide tools for this sector to do their part in the battle. Our children and grandchildren depend on us getting this right,” added Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield.

The application stream for proposed projects is now open, and it will remain open until mid-October, or until the funding runs out. Applicants will be informed on the decision of their application after approximately 25 business days. You can find out how to apply by clicking here.

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