Guelph Police Release Collision Stats, Crowns New “Winner” for Worst Intersection

Anecdotally, many in Guelph know that the roads here are getting more dangerous, but the latest collision statistics from the Guelph Police Service seem to heavily indicate that the city’s streets are indeed getting more dangerous.

According to GPS, there were 2,919 reported collisions between January 1 and December 31 for 2018. That’s up by nearly 100 collisions over 2017, when there were 2,823. On the bright side, while 2,098 of those collisions happened during clear/dry conditions, that’s down from 2,321 for 2017.

Other revelations from the statistics report include 42 collisions involving drugs or alcohol, 46 collisions involving pedestrians, and 25 collisions involving cyclists.

The best time for an accident it still in the afternoon. In 2018, 908 collisions took place between 3 pm and 5 pm, while in 2017 the most collisions took place between 2 pm and 4 pm. The worst day of the week for an accident was Thursday, and the worst month of the year was November.

As to the most dubious distinction: Guelph’s most dangerous intersection is now Silvercreek Parkway North and Speedvale Avenue West with 36 collisions last year, that’s 15 more than 2017 when this corner merely held second place. Last year’s first place for the worst intersection in town, Edinburgh Road South and Stone Road West, came in second thanks to one fewer accident for a total of 28.

Wellington Street West at Edinburgh Road South, Gordon Street at Edinburgh Road South, and Imperial Road North at Woodlawn Road West round out the top five with 28, 27 and 22 accidents respectively.

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