City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the January 28 Meeting?

The final regular council meeting of the month will be a jam-packed affair with the final decision on two major development projects, and the final decision on the Parkland Dedication Bylaw. This might be a long one…

CLOSED MEETING: 2019-2022 Public Appointments to the Downtown Guelph Business Association Board of Management; Downtown Zoning By-law LPAT Appeal – Update.

IDE-2019-07 Grant Applications for Baker District Redevelopment – The Windmill Development Group, the team that won the bid of the Baker District Redevelopment last year, are asking the City to fund a SNAP, a Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities describes a SNAP thusly:

Your plan should build on your municipality’s sustainable community plan or strategy, and may target a specific area or apply to the entire municipality. It must include the following:

  • A sustainable development vision with environmental, social and economic objectives

  • Actions required to achieve those objectives in each of the relevant areas such as energy, waste and water management, sustainable transportation, land use, brownfield remediation (e.g., developing policies, acquiring relevant permissions, purchasing/installing appropriate infrastructure)

  • All tasks necessary to implementing a project; the person/job role responsible for each task; resources allocated to each task; an implementation timeline; estimated costs

The FCM offers a grant of up to 50 per cent of the eligible costs for planning and implementing a SNAP, but to get the ball rolling, staff is asking council to endorse spending $40,000 of the $500,000 set aside in the 2018 Capita Budget for Baker Street to start developing a SNAP, and look for other granting possibilities to fund it in addition to the application to the FCM.

CS-2019-32 2019-2022 Council Appointments to the Grand River Conservation Authority Board of Directors and Business Licence Appeals Committee – Ward 4 Councillor Mike Salisbury has asked to step down from the GRCA Board as the city council representative there, so another council member will have to be named. Also, five members of council will have to be appointed to the Business Licence Appeals Committee, which is a “quasi-judicial body that meets for the purpose of holding hearings to consider business licence or development charges appeals.” The appointees will be announced at the meeting.

CS-2019-33 2019-2022 Public Appointments to the Downtown Guelph Business Association Board of Management – Five people will be re-appointed to the Board, and five new people will be added to its ranks for a term ending in November 2022. Those names will be released on the night of the meeting. Ward 1 Councillor Dan Gibson, and Ward 5 Councillor Leanne Piper are the two council members on the DGBA Board.

PS-2019-01 Parkland Dedication By-law Review – Staff will present changes to the Parkland Dedication Bylaw that should get a majority of council support. The primary concern by many on council seems to be that the bylaw doesn’t go far enough to secure the parkland that Guelph needs now, and in the future, and staff will present options to hopefully assuage those concerns. Mayor Cam Guthrie also put forward an amendment that was approved by that council should review the effectiveness of the new bylaw in two years. The staff report will likely be presented with the amended agenda on Friday.

IDE-2019-10 Decision Report 120-122 Huron Street Zoning By-law Amendment File: ZC1709 Ward 1 – As you may recall, this proposed development was brought to city council back in February 2018. It’s the site of the old Uniroyal plant, and the plan originally called for turning the existing four-storey industrial building into a condo with 87 units, plus the construction of 96 stacked and clustered townhouses for a total of 182 new units on the site. After working with staff on revising the proposal, the new plan will see the elimination of the stacked townhouses, which will be replaced by a smaller number of clustered townhouses; 59 cluster townhouses plus the original 87 apartments will create a total of 146 dwelling units on site instead of 182. Parking and amenity space has also been changed in the revised proposal.

IDE-2019-08 Supplementary Decision Report 89 Beechwood Avenue Zoning By-law Amendment File: ZC1706 Ward 3 – The original 12 stacked townhouse units and 22 cluster townhouses brought to council in 2017, was phased down to 7 two-storey on-street townhouse units and 16 three-storey stacked townhouse units last September. Now, we’re down to 22 two-storey units, with an increased setback to Howitt park, and a six per cent increase in the landscaped area.

IDE-2019-14 Statutory Public Meeting Report 190, 202, 210 and 216 Arkell Road Proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law Amendment – Presently, four detached homes sit on this site, but the developer has proposed instead up to 66 units including 32 stacked cluster townhouses in two separate buildings, 20 on-street townhouses on the west side of the street, and 14 on-street townhouses on the east side. The street in question would be a new one that would connect Summerfield Dr with Dawes Ave. The area is still designated “Agriculture” from its days as part of the Township of Puslinch, but the developers are asking for a rezoning to specialized “Cluster Townhouse” (R.3A-?) Zone closest to Arkell Road, a specialized “On-street Townhouse” (R.3B-?) together with a “Wetland” (WL) Zone and Conservation Land (P.1)Zone to protect a wetland at the northern end of the site. This is the statutory public meeting for this development.

Consent Agenda from the Committee of the Whole on January 14:

  • IDE-2019-11 Water Services Operational Plan Endorsement
  • IDE-2019-03 Farm Barn at 2093 Gordon Street – Proposed Removal from Municipal Register of Cultural Heritage Properties
  • IDE-2019-05 Sign By-law Variances – 160 Chancellors Way
  • IDE-2019-06 Sign By-law Variances – 32 Clair Road East
  • IDE-2019-01 Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw Review – Project Initiation
  • IDE-2019-13 Red Light Camera Program Review
  • CAO-2019-05 Bill 66, Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act, City of Guelph Response

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