Complete List of Council and Public Appointments to Boards, Agencies, and Committees

Before last night’s meeting, city council met as a striking committee to appoint members of the public to fill vacancies on various boards and committees, and to appoint themselves to the same. The complete list is below:

Council Appointments to Committee Chairs, Advisory Committees, Local Boards, Agencies, Commissions, and Associations

Committee of the Whole: Audit Services

Chair: Phil Allt
Vice-Chair: Cathy Downer

Committee of the Whole Corporate Services

Chair: Mark MacKinnon
Vice-Chair: Cathy Downer

Committee of the Whole: Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise Services

Chair: Dan Gibson
Vice-Chair: Domininque O’Rourke

Committee of the Whole: Public Services

Chair: June Hofland
Vice-Chair: Mark MacKinnon

Art Gallery of Guelph Board of Trustees: Mike Salisbury
Board of Trustees of The Elliott: Dominique O’Rourke
Downtown Guelph Business Association Board of Management: Dan Gibson and Leanne Piper
Grand River Conservation Authority: Bob Bell and Mike Salsibury
Guelph Police Services Board: Cam Guthrie and Christine Billings
Guelph Public Library Board: James Gordon
Well Interference Committee: Rodrigo Goller, June Hofland, and Mark MacKinnon
Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health Board of Heath: Rodrigo Goller, June Hofland, and Christine Billings

Public Appointments to Advisory Committees, Local Boards, Agencies, Commissions, and Associations

Accessibility Advisory Committee: Jason Dodge, Michael Greer, Lynn Jeaurond, Sarah Mathison, Malcolm McLeod, Donna, McMurdo, Julian Murphy, Brooke Sillaby, and Deborah Stienstra (term ending November 2022). Harold Grace, Elizabeth Lowenger, Laura Root, Edgar Stevens, Elyse Trudell and Mandy Workman (term ending November 2019).

Art Gallery of Guelph Board: Timothy Dewhirst, and Mike Hryn

Committee of Adjustment: Kathy Ash, Stephen Dykstra, David Gundrum, Lise Ann Janis, David Kendrick, Kody Meads, and James Smith.

Downtown Advisory Committee: Chuck Castillo, David Durbin, Garrett Duval, Dorothe Fair, Paul Magahay, Jack Mallon, Alastair McCluskey, Doug Minett, David Newcombe, and Paul Smith.

Economic Development Advisory Committee: Matt Anstett, Bill Birdsell, Peter Kastner, Kevin McDermitt, Thomas McLaughlin, and John Marc Ricke.

Board of Trustees of the Elliott Community: Barry Elder and Bill McLay.

Environmental Advisory Committee: Albie Douglas, Angela Mason, Adam Miller, Marina Nadj, Colin Oaks, Amanjot Singh, Robert Forrest Smith, and Matt Wilson.

Guelph Cemetery Commission: Doug Gilchrist and David Ralph.

Guelph Museums Advisory Committee: Kesia Kvill, Kim Landoni, and Kris Tozer (term ending November 2019). Eleanor Ross (term ending November 2020). Paul Baker, Shannon Coles, Jeremy deWaard, Robert Hohenandel, and Jayne Osborn (term ending November 2022).

Guelph Police Services Board: Robert Carter.

Guelph Public Library Board: Aaron Blair, Scott Butler, Randalin Ellery, Geta Hailu, Anne MacKay, Lisa Maslove, Gertrude Robinson, Katie Saunders, Vivian Webb, and Daniel Williamson.

Guelph Sports Hall of Fame: Andrew Maloney (term ending November 2020), Carolyn Lee (term ending November 2021), and Adam Stewart (term ending November 2022).

Heritage Guelph: Kesia Kvill, Arlin Ott, and James Smith (term ending November 2019). Michael Crawley, Bob Foster, Bill Green, Charles Nixon, Brian Skerrett, Mary Tivy, and David Waverman (term ending November 2022).

Municipal Property and Building Commemorative Naming Committee: Jason Smith.

Property Standards Committee: Bob Foster, Jon Hebden, and Tom Lammer.

Public Art Advisory Committee: Chelsea Brant and Wendy Shearer (term ending November 2019). Mike Baker, Julia Grady, Daniel Harland, Verne Harrison, Nan Hogg, James Taylor, and Sally Wismer (term ending November 2022).

River Systems Advisory Committee: Scott Cowan, Alexandra Grosse, Justin Langille, Nicola Lower, Dustin Lyttle, Tom Nicholls, Patrick Padovan, Jordan Vanderklok, and Ryan VanEngen.

Tourism Advisory Committee: Kevin Schmidt (term ending November 2019). Lynn Broughton, Frank Cain, Court Desautels, Heather Grummett, Erin Mares, Andrea McCulligh, Anuradha Saxena and Jennufer Wyte.

Transit Advisory Committee: Brian Adkins, Susan Carey, Kody Meads, Scott McWhinnie, and Kevin Schmidt (term ending November 2019). Bonnie Burgess, Kathryn Hofer, Justin Kraemer, Dominica McPherson, and Kayla Weiler (term ending November 2022).

Waste Resource Innovation Centre Public Liaison Committee: Larry Conrad, Keally Davey,  Mike Fortin, Jenn Packer, Tara McKenna, and Ken Spira (term ending November 2019). Bassim Abbassi (term ending November 2022).

Water Conservation and Efficiency Public Liaison Advisory Committee: Patty Quackenbush (term ending November 2019). Louise Cottreau (term ending November 2020). Grant Parkinson and David Worden (term ending November 2022).

Wellbeing Grant Allocation Panel: Molly Gallant, Molly Kriksic, Kuuta Laird Barry, Michael Strickland, Morris Twist, Aida Valois and Sally Wismer (term ending June 2019).

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