Bail to the Chief! DeRuyter Announces Retirement from Guelph Police

Though we’ve been wondering who might fill the 13 seats around the city council chamber for the next term, there’s now going to be an especially big seat to fill next year in an office on the other side of the tracks from City Hall.

In a release from the Guelph Police Service Board Friday afternoon, it was announced that Chief Jeff DeRuyter has announced his intention to retire on May 31, 2019.

DeRuyter has been a member of the Guelph Police Service since 1984, and rose through the ranks to hold several leadership positions. In his 35 years on the Service he worked in Neighbourhood Services, Investigative Support Services, and Professional Standards, before becoming Deputy Chief in 2012. He became Guelph’s Chief of Police in February 2015 succeeding Brian Larkin in the role.

“It is clear that the Board and the community have been recipients of quality professional leadership by Chief DeRuyter over his distinguished career with the Guelph Police Service. He is a person of integrity and commitment to this community and he will be missed,” said Police Board Chair Don Drone.

DeRuyter issued his notice of retirement to the Police Board at their monthly meeting yesterday to the “regret and congratulations” of the Board.

“His presence in our community has left a legacy that continues in exemplary service to both the policing community and the community at large,” said the Board in the press release.

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