Mix of Old and New Faces Mark First Week of 2018 Camapign

As the first week of the 2018 Municipal election comes to a close, we already have a very busy race with with a baker’s dozen of excited nominees ready to prove they’re ready to serve on City Council or the local school board. Some of these names you’ll already know, and not just the incumbents.

Getting those incumbents out of the way, we’ve got Ward 3 Councillor Phil Allt, Ward 4 Councillor Mike Salisbury, and Ward 6 Councillor Mark MacKinnon that have all officially filed their papers to run for re-election. Mayor Cam Gurthrie is the only other member of the present council to have filed for re-election so far, and was the first candidate to file their election papers on Tuesday.

In Ward 3, Allt will face-off against a familiar political adversary in the form of disability advocate Jason Dodge. Dodge was one of six candidates to run in Ward 3 in 2014, and finished in last place with 8.6 per cent of the vote.

Although not known for Guelph politics, Ward 1 Council candidate Jamie Killingsworth is certainly known. The former sports reporter for CTV Kitchener announced his intention to join the horseshoe by filing his nomination papers on Tuesday. Presently, there’s one other name up for election in Ward 1, and it’s Ward-based artist Charlene Downey.

In Ward 2, one new name has emerged, and it’s Rodrigo Goller. Goller is a facilitator and stakeholder engagement consultant and co-owner of the The Boardroom gaming cafe on Wyndham Street, which is also co-owner by Goller’s potential future council colleague Mark MacKinnon.

Speaking of Boards, we’ve gotten our first two candidates running to join the Upper Grand District School Board as Trustees, or in one case, rejoin. Linda Busuttil, who is presently the chair board, is interested in continuing on as a trustee. The only other person to submit their name for school board as right now is Tina Danese.

The other candidates in the council race so far are Indu Arora in Ward 4, and Stacy Cooper and Dominique O’Rourke in Ward 6. Nominations close on July 27.

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