LIVE BLOG: City Council Meeting for November 2, 2017

Decisions will be made! Two important portions of the 2018 Budget will be voted on today. You can click here for the agenda from City Hall, and you can click here for the Politico preview. For the complete blow-by-blow of tonight’s council meeting, you can follow me on Twitter, or follow along below via Storify.

***Please note that there will be a pause in coverage between 4:30 until shortly after 6 (if necessary) due to the regular broadcast of Open Sources Guelph.


#GuelphBudget Meeting – November 2, 2017

Live blog from the meeting starting at 2 pm

  1. So I guess I will not be going back to council after the show. Stay tuned for a recap on the main Politico site. 
  2. That will have to be the last question for now. Heading off to CFRU. See you again after Open Sources!
  3. Much of this is the design to implement, says staff. In addition to $1.2 Mn, there are other things in the budget that are being undertaken that *will* also be a part of the active transport. plan. i.e.: constructing new bike lanes.
  4. Hofland on active transportation network: $2 Mn meant to be invested in 2018 Capital. Now $1.2 Mn. Is that an even split of $12 Mn over 10 years.
  5. DCAO Clack: This year the budget had to be rolled down to make it full funded. Each year, the list will be refined further as staff puts together full-funded 10-year plan.
  6. Back to business with Cllr Hofland. Has some things she needs to understand about the budget. She notes that there’s only reference for parks in the capital budget for 2018, can council get more info on the future?
  7. So we’re going to get going again shortly, and then I will have to get going to co-host this week’s @OS_Guelph. If the meeting’s still going after 6 pm, I’ll be back.
  8. Okay, so council’s taking a break now till 4:15.
  9. Paving: this is the actual waster resources site, not the road per Gibson’s question about why Starwood isn’t getting needed repaving.
  10. Scales: A follow-up on staff report from July, and customer expectations on turnaround time.
  11. On Solid Waste, Gibson asks about public drop-off waste scales and software, and new asphalt for Dunlop facility. Not in previous capital forecast, so why the urgency?
  12. Gibson now asking about new Cedervale park, what amenities will it feature? GM Flaherty: It’s a small park, some playground equipment, maybe a trail.
  13. Cllr Gibson now seeking clarification on matters concerning an off-leash park. GM of Parks and Rec says it was an initiative the city took on itself, and not from provincial mandate.
  14. Cllr Wettstein says he can’t believe that we’re not even in 2018 yet, and “we’re already politicizing something.” RE: Downey Rd “improvements”
  15. Mayor Guthrie says he’d love for a motion to be put forward to spend $250K to put Downey Rd. back now! If council thinks there are complaints now, nothing compared to when speed bumps will be put in. Doesn’t think they need a report on bumps.
  16. @iamgmcnaughton Correction: Non-tax passed without debate. The final vote was 11-2.
  17. @iamgmcnaughton Correction: Non-tax passed without debate. The final vote was 11-2.
  18. Okay, so quick update per my colleague @iamgmcnaughton: Non-Tax Supported budget passed unanimously. Currently debating capital, $480K in improvements to council chambers already pulled. #GuelphBudget
  19. Okay, so I know I’m late already, but the live blogging will commence shortly.
  20. Unfortunately, do to circumstances beyond my control, the live blog of today’s council meeting won’t begin until shortly after 3 pm.

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