City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the November 28 Meeting?

This coming Monday, council will be back in session with decisions on two of the most important issues of the fall, the City’s reaction to the Nestle renewal for their Permit to Take Water and the development of the old tennis courts at 75 Dublin St N. What way will this all shake out?

Closed Meeting: C-2016.56 Update on Development of Brant Community Hub; C-2016.57 Dolime Quarry – Mediation Process Update.

CON-2016.62 City of Guelph’s Submission to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Regarding Ontario’s Water-Taking Regulations – You’ll likely recall the lengthy meeting of Committee-of-the-Whole back at the beginning of the month where nearly three-dozen public delegations were heard on the matter of water-taking and a motion brought by Councillor James Gordon. This is the epic final chapter of the trilogy following part one back in September, and November’s committee meeting.

The staff report recommends, first and foremost, that all the materials gathered for the November 7 meeting be submitted to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. Further, staff is also recommending that council support the Province of Ontario’s plan to put a moratorium on accepting new or increased Permit to Take Water applications until 2019. Staff is also proposing that council support the idea of recommending to the Government of Ontario that they fund a comprehensive water management program that would be an evidence-based system of prioritizing community water-use, monitoring sustainability of water sources and balancing economic and environmental concerns. And on top of all that, the City will continue to pursue water sustainability on its own by completing the Water Supply Master Plan, and promoting Guelph tap water, the Blue W and Water Wagon programs, and continuing to emphasize recycling and the general reduction of waste.

On the flip-side though, the City is recommending that the original motion that started it all, the one brought by Gordon and seconded by Dan Gibson, be withdrawn since the City is doing all these other things to address the problem.

CON-2016.63 City-initiated Official Plan Amendment (OP1603), Proposed revision to the Downtown Zoning By-law Amendment (ZC1612) as it pertains to 75 Dublin Street North – So it looks like despite community uncertainty about the project, the development of the apartment building at 75 Dublin St N will go forward with council approval, just one storey shorter than intended. Staff is recommending the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment from the I.1 (Institutional) Zone to a modified D.2-9 (Downtown) Zone be approved as part of the Downtown Zoning By-law Amendment, and that no further public notice is required related to the minor modifications to the proposed revision to the Downtown Zoning By-law Amendment as it pertains to 75 Dublin St N.

Notice of motion provided by Mayor Guthrie – The mayor is bringing forth a motion to be called “Commemoration of Veterans and Norfolk Street Bridge.” When reconstruction begins on the Norfolk Street bridge next year, Guthrie would like to see some kind of commemoration of Guelph’s armed forces veterans “through such possibilities as public art, renaming of the bridge or further options” be worked into the project. The motion will be referred to the January meeting of Committee-of-the-Whole.

Consent Agenda from November 7 Committee-of-the-Whole

Living Wage Campaign
20,000 Homes Initiative
COW-GOV-2016.1 2016-2018 Public Appointments to Advisory Boards and Committees
COW-GOV-2016.3 2017 Council and Committee Meeting Schedule
COW-GOV-2016.4 Chief Administrative Officer Employment Contract
COW-GOV-2016.5 Proposed Framework for an Affordable Housing Financial Incentives Program
Private Members Bill (46)
COW-IDE-2016.11 Downtown Parking Items: Conclusion of Essex Street One Year Pilot and Updated Downtown On-street Temporary Use Policy
COW-IDE-2016.4 Business Licensing By-law Review – Food Vehicle Schedule and Temporary Food Sales
COW-IDE-2016.14 115 Dawn Avenue: Letter of Refusal for Tree Removal as per the City of Guelph Private Tree By-law
COW-IDE-2016.15 Development Engineering Manual
COW-IDE-2016.16 Subdivision Construction – Process Change
COW-CS-2016.6 Reserve and Reserve Fund Consolidation and Policy

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