New Rules for Drivers in the New Year

New year; new rules. At least so far as what you do when you’re a driver and how long you’re supposed to wait before turning when someone’s walking across the street. As a walker, this is a big pet peeve of mine: drivers either whiz past you with barely inches to spare, or passive aggressively turn as slow as possible as you walk on through. The only regret? This new rule won’t apply to all crosswalks.

Here’s the reminder from Guelph Police Service.

Drivers must allow pedestrians to completely cross at a school and pedestrian crossing before moving forward, current rules says driver must only yield half the crossing. This new rule is for school crossings and pedestrian crossovers only.

A school crossing is any pedestrian crossing facility where a school crossing guard is present and is displaying a school crossing stop sign.

A pedestrian crossover is a pedestrian crossing facility identified by specific signs, pavement markings and overhead lights in combination with pedestrian-activated flashing beacons. It is not a crosswalk at a signalized intersection.

For a further reminder of recent changes, please check the Guelph Police website Legislation Changes page.

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