Green Party Enters the Niska Road Debate

Development and construction is always a contentious issue in Guelph, but the fate of the bridge on Niska Road and what it might be replaced with has proven to fairly controversial. Shall the bridge be updated to accommodate modern traffic patterns, or is the bridge, as it is now, what’s best for the area? Into this debate, a new political voice has emerged.

Green Party of Ontario leader and presumptive Guelph candidate in the next provincial election Mike Schreiner has sent the following call to supporters to join the debate at an upcoming city council meeting regarding the Niska Road Bridge re-development.

Do you value natural and cultural heritage? Do you believe Guelph should honour its 67 year commitment to protecting the Hanlon Creek Conservation Area?

If yes, then we need you to attend the Special Guelph City Council Meeting to consider the Niska Road Schedule C Municipal Environmental Assessment on Dec. 3 2015 from 6 to 9PM.

City staff are proposing to build a two lane bridge on Niska Road—turning a local collector road into a major regional traffic corridor through conservation and sensitive wetlands. Guelph’s vision to provide residents and visitors with protected natural spaces is not compatible with a two lane bridge on Niska Road. Upgrading Niska road opens the door to a future sell off of our conservation lands for development.

If you care about natural and cultural heritage, responsible transportation planning and city building, and the Speed River, then we need you to raise your voice to protect this special, unique area of Guelph.

Over 2,000 Guelph residents have signed a petition to protect our water and heritage. But city staff have ignored our concerns. We need you to help us pack council chambers to send a clear and compelling message that community voices matter. Your voice lets Council know that you want to protect the green legacy that makes Guelph a great place to live.

You can also make a delegation. Registration for delegations on the agenda deadline is 9 am on November 27, 2015.

If cannot attend on Dec 3, you can send written comments prior to the Nov 27 deadline.

Please contact the City Clerks Department to register as a delegate, submit written materials or power point presentations. Send to:

Thank you for taking the time to make a difference.

UPDATE: The city clerk’s office has extended the deadline to register as a delegate or submit written submissions on the Niska Road issue until December 2 at 9 am.

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