The Bookshelf is Celebrating the Election

If you don’t want to listen to CFRU’s coverage of the election returns (and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t), The Bookshelf has a way you can enjoy Election Night 2015 in a very social manner.

According the Bookshelf’s blog, they will be putting on their biggest election party ever with the following:

1. The book store will remain open until at least 11:00 pm, and will be streaming CBC election coverage on store screens and via the in-store sound system.

2. A non-partisan party will be hosted in the Bistro and Cinema, including great green, blue, red, and orange-themed drink specials, and complimentary snacks.

3. Miijidaa, the new establishment next to the book store, will be extending their open hours and screening the election.

4. The Liberal Party will be having their volunteer appreciation party in the eBar, and all Bookshelf patrons are welcome to stop by to say hello.

There will also be a chance to record 5-10 second “Speaker’s Corner” style videos, and there will also be a “big surprise” for those that arrive during the Blue Jays game.

But in the midst of all this expected fun, don’t forget to vote. Polling stations are open 9:30 am till 9:30 pm, so get out and cast your ballot. And finally, don’t forget to tune your radio to 93.3 fm, or listen digitally at, to hear Open Sources Guelph along with the CFRU News team to wrap up this epically long campaign.

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